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Fragments: Fall 2001

A collection of responses to the events of September 11, 2001.

Roger Bonner is a writer and editor. He spent his childhood in Los Angeles but has for some time now made his home in Switzerland. He is represented here by a poem, Black Balloons.

Robert Gibbons is a columnist and writer. He lives in Boston and is represented here by two poems, An Echo of the Silence of the Dead and Aegean Shimmering.

Christine Hemp is a poet, art critic, teacher and musician who lives in Port Townsend, Washington. She is represented here by an excerpt from an email that relates a dream and by her woodpile which was all she could work on in the week following the terrible events and which in a photo becomes a kind of altar to daily life.

Coral Hull is a writer, photographer and animal rights activist who lives in Australia. She is represented by a prose piece. Her photographs occur throughout, including the photo of the World Trade Towers on the Fragments section, which is reproduced in different forms in a orchard, premonition, monarchs, the photo of the sparrow in even one sparrow, and the background image of like crows.

Ole Kanestrom is Christine Hemp's neighbor in Port Townsend, Washington, who took the photo of the wood pile.

Jeffrey Levine is an editor and poet who is represented here by a dream.

Rita Maria Magdaleno is a poet and teacher. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, but wrote her two poems, Elegy and The First Day of Rosh Hoshanah while in residence at Vermont Studios.

Rochelle Mass is a poet who lives with her family in the hills of Israel. She is represented by two poems, Hiding and No Surprises.

Erminia Passannanti is a poet and scholar at work on her doctorate at Oxford. She writes in Italian and is represented here by a poem, which arriving on Sept. 9th to The Drunken Boat seems eerily prescient: "Out of a squared chamber."

Miriam Sagan is a poet, writer, teacher and editor. She is a native New Yorker but has lived for some time in Santa Fe, New Mexico, though she regularly returns to the city of her birth. She is represented here by a poem Towers.

Reva Sharon is a digital photographer, artist, and poet who lives in Jerusalem. She is represented here by an image and prose piece, Shana Tova.

l thi diem thy is a poet, novelist, and performance artist. She lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, but wrote this excerpt from an email while in residence at the Lannan Foundation in Marfa, Texas.

Renata Treitel is a poet and translator who lives in Oklahoma. She is represented here by a poem September 11, 2001.

Eleanor Wilner a poet and teacher who lives in Philadelphia. She is represented here by a poem The White-Throated Sparrow Can't Compare which, while it predates these events, seems to continue to reply to them.