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Douglas Clark

Kitchen sounds on fire

Look in
Oven in flames
Fat on fire
Lost my steak
Not much fat
Too lazy to clean pan last weekend
Takes ten minutes to burn out
Black smoke everywhere
Lost my steak
Eat salad
Scrub grillmesh and pan
Wipe soot off oven
Eat banana
Cat sticks close as smoke dissolves
Better luck with pork tomorrow.

Douglas Clark, Bath, UK, 10.15pm, 7/03/03


I read Kathleen Raine's Guardian obituary
in the newsgroup
Yesterday I read it in the Times
To me she always had the vision
Although lacking in execution.
She was one of the few people
who liked my own poems
With Peter Levi
Whenever she got some Cat Poems
she would tell me stories of her own
Her Autobiographies were so dreadfully
And full of Cambridge.
But the Guardian says that old she
realised her error.
The great panjamdrum of Temenos.
She is forgiven everything for her cats
And the love of the North.

Douglas Clark
Bath, UK, 11.50am, 7/09/03



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Douglas Clark
Bath, Somerset, England, 7.26pm, 7/16/03


I want to come back as a cat.

'I wrote poetry for psychological reasons
To minimise my contacts with psychiatrists,
Not for love of language'

I want to come back as a cat.
A pity about the operation
But it would be the best of times,
Not like this.
I want to come back as a cat.

Douglas Clark
Bath, UK 8.45pm. 7/23/03


Cat comes in with blue paint on the back of his neck.
Very pleased with himself.
He has only been gone half an hour.

Day spent at seaside.
Icecreams and Bass beer.
Lovely cooling breeze.

All the seagulls have come to Bath
For the Three Tenors Concert tomorrow night
In front of Royal Crescent.

I have my free ticket..
Will be drinking in Charles Dickens old pub
The Marlborough Tavern before.

Openair swimming pool on top of the New Spa
For seagulls delight.
Not open yet, two years late.

Cat heads out catflap.
Too hot for me to try to sleep.
Been watching Luchino Visconti bio

On TV last two nights.
My researched family background
Drains me of writing the poems I used to.

Visconti sketched his personal myth.
I have none now.
Must give up poetry.

The tilde is cracked on Google.
And the tenth datacenter has opened
In Dublin.

Pity my website is doing so badly.
No help for it.
The glory days are over.

Another cup of coffee!
Wasnt Dylan's last album dreadful.
Primitive is the key to poetry and music.

I think that's enough.

Douglas Clark. Bath. UK. Midnight.


There is death in the house
Cruel cruel cat
At midnight I sat and watched
My tubby little mouse
Scampering round too fast to catch
He had been too cute to enter the boxtrap to preserve his life
An hour or two later
Lying in bed
I heard him run up the stairs
And wander around my bedroom
Then I heard Cat on the stair
And knew Mouse was doomed
Quick move of Cat then silence
In the morning light a head a body
In tissue to the rubbish sack
And a present for me by Cat's dinnerplate
A pair of skinny legs
Cruel cruel cat
My tubby little mouse gone
Now Cat is off to sleep in the sun
And I am alone with a memory

Douglas Clark, Bath, UK, 10.05am


I study.
About one per cent have genes for a psychosis,
But it has to be triggered off by the environment.
Which means stress.
Life events.
I learn.

Douglas Clark, Bath, Somerset, England ....


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