All copyright © 2003 remains with the authors.
All copyright © 2004 remains with the authors.

David Howard

The canal swallows the viewer's horror
and offers it back to the next
generation: 'Here is your inheritance.

Clean the sludge off with your gossip
about the Hebrew teacher, the party's edicts -
every empty warehouse condemns

the flag your father raised, the market you
descend to. Wear your trinkets
when you visit: I'll reflect them
faithfully, the way a believer should.'

David Howard, Max Gate, Purakanui


CARNIVAL Strutting past the vendors of lottery tickets

'the boys' can only guess at what is kept,

at what is lost


mothers with crumbled stucco faces.

If a door is left carelessly

ajar, they are

anonymous when they enter.

When they check out

they check out the beach: that gap between

the legs of the red bikini

resembling a hypen -

it connects yet separates

say, the words 'hermit ' and 'crab' ;

'shell ' still presents this difficulty,

it does not encompass the world.

David Howard Carols, 2003, Melbourne


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