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David Latane

With 2810
          we have
                    a common wall,
though its folks
          have numbered:
                    an elderly nurse
          who died
                    and her dog
who went to
                    and the gay
Jewish couple
          who did the
and after the
          lady at 2814
                    was murdered
sold out to:
          the ophthalmologist
                    who didn't know
and didn't stay
          and wasn't
                    very friendly
and worse yet
          sold to the:
                    Buppie stock-
broker with
          loud friends
                    and the state-
          so to speak
                    stereo dialed
to some spot
           that only played
we suffered
           but then he
                    left for "pastures
new" and we got:
          a little home-
                     breaker whose
          wife sometimes
                    staked out the
place, and made
           cliche scenes,
                    we worried though
about how
           she treated her
                    two dogs.
And now what
                              do you know?
a friendly
young couple
          quiet and neat:
                    our neighbors.

David Latane


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