Reva Sharon is a Contributing Editor for The Drunken Boat.


All work in Frozen Earth, Frozen Sky is copyrighted to Charles Fishman and Reva Sharon. All rights reserved. No work may be copied in any medium without written permission.


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Reva Sharon's Archetypal Series

Charles Fishman's poetry

Frozen Earth, Frozen Sky

A Collaboration of Poetry and Digital Artwork

by Charles Fishman and Reva Sharon

Just in time for winter, Charles Fishman and Reva Sharon have created a manuscript of poems and images, Frozen Earth, Frozen Sky. Charles Fishman wrote poems of remembered winter experiences and Reva Sharon created a cycle of digital paintings, reflecting on winter. These poems and images do not illustrate each other but compliment each other. Four of these collaborations can be viewed in this issue of The Drunken Boat.

Frozen Earth, Frozen Sky

Ice Music

Ice Will Not Leave

Late Winter Morning

A portfolio series of numbered, limited edition prints of ten of the Frozen Earth, Frozen Sky poems/images can be seen at