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Ivy Garlitz


The speakers set their slides in carousels
in the ochre tiled hall
while the t-shirted volunteers
try to connect images from a laptop
to the tripoded screen

Someone finds a key
and the toilet is opened,
separate stalled rooms for the sexes,
and a shared metal cistern
shaped like a trough
filled by pressing foot pedals

attendants straggle down the chipped stone spiral staircase
darting past the rain
which pours through the ceiling grill
between the stairwell and the hall
now marked with a notice to please keep quiet

Bolted pipes run above the podium and single microphone
above black and white photos from the bakery days
of East Berlin.
The speakers sit down behind their folded paper names on the table
and the conference starts, with apologies
for the images flickering on the screen

Ivy Garlitz, 10:00 AM


(found poem on Graphics webpage)

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