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Liz Kirby

accrue meaning
or gather it

patterns that cohere or seem to attach

movement air
the throat

transubstantiation held in the centre of the mouth

moist air

impossible to swallow or spit

Liz Kirby


quiet light
turned to a flicker

my reflection in the window
melding into massy shaddows

in daylight the moulded dark
will solidify as distant hills

My Caravan :)
Liz Kirby
Heath Moor Farm
Rushton Spencer UK


Lorry rain
fine and dusty
Sunrise grey
and the road a pale black
that does not return
but continues into smoke
and the absence of light.

Liz Kirby
Stoke-on-Trent UK


Flowers in the hedgerow
rotting in brittle celophane.
Slow, the sign says. Slow.

Liz Kirby
Macclesfield to Leek Road
at Fool's Nook corner


water falls dark
comes down in silence
the wind has broken
a door lifts the floor
shudderings that carry
night underneath

Liz Kirby
Feb 4th 2004
Heaton Moor UK
2/04/04 The Limerick of Mastery

Having been to the Museu dos Azulejos
Lia and Erin went off on the bus.
They were so fazed
That their eyes were glazed
And they needed tea in two pots!

Liz Kirby


clouds pour
in columns of shadow
across the failing sun

a trail
of falling smoke
in golden light

white ice the foaling
of the smouldering sky

Liz Kirby
Wincle Minn, Sutton Common and Wildboarclough
viewed from Gunn Hill


have you opened it?
you've opened it
dont open it
well have you opened it?
wait till eleven oclock wait

he's one mithering mithering sod
it's flashing now he says

can I have the small breakfast please?
dont get toast with small breakfast
you get your tea and coffee
ask the lady if she wants toast on side
she's just learning
so you want beans or tomatoes?
beans please
just write down beans
that's it just take three pounds from the lady

Liz Kirby
Pat's Place
Fingerpost Shopping Centre, Wigan, UK.

edge over paper
some crossing out
in blue biro
a thick felt pen
that blocks out the blank

a pulse
mind, arm, hand, page, eye
white inner space
pours into tight tracery

Liz Kirby
City of Stoke-on-Trent Sixth Form College (UK)
Wed 24th March 2004 12.35pm


Never seen him sitting
with his feet up before.

A bullock jumped on it.
He went all colours.
It hasnt swelled
but he's on the ibruprofen.

Five hundred sheep about to lamb.
Two heifers due any day.
Lucky he fixed the ridge tiles
after last week's gales.

We've had the March winds
now we'll get the April showers.

Liz Kirby
Heaton Moor Farm, Staffs, UK.
8.45 pm, March 31st 2004.


The thick, close smell
of gloss paint pressed
against eyes and skin.

The brush moves smoothly
when it is loaded
and grates when it dries.

Great pale blotches
still on my arm, as I sit
with wine and a friend.

Macclesfield Uk
7th April 2004
Liz Kirby


unfamiliar wind
catching us cold
a street we dont know
your hand in my pocket
for the warmth of red velvet

Liz Kirby
14th April 2004


The oak that has been dead wood all winter
a shadow slicked with wet snow
has put out its life
into green fire.

Liz Kirby
21st April 2004
Heaton Moor Farm, UK.


the tree turned out to be a sycamore
all the elms have long since ghosted
their winter branches falling
between brittle and dust

heavy cloud and grey spates of rain
brought our sky closer
but we knew the moon was out there somewhere
sinking into her own rust

Liz Kirby
5th May 2004


an axe is set to the tree
the barbeque will burn for an age
we expected our wives to be home
when we got back from work
talk shows talk talk
one neck is bare to the knife
pixels oscillate
to take the edge off
the twenty first century
we kill what we cannot make

Liz Kirby
Macclesfield UK
12 May 2004


dusk the indeterminate time when
fields fill with blue-grey
water colour drains into its most
subtle shades a flickering
shows that the bats are out

traffic lights burn red
glow amber to green
throwing the gem-light
of their changes
down the empty road

a man in handcuffs bows his head
it cannot be long now
we are waiting

Bosley Cross


she was waiting in the cellar
for sunlight for the mouth to open

as soon as we called to her
the first answer became clear

she knew very well where the remnants were
she had hidden them for safekeeping

it was only a short journey
riding on the bear's back

Liz Kirby
Waterfoot England
Wed June 2nd 2004


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