Poetry from Nepal-Winter 2003

Dinesh Adhikhari Dinesh Adhikhari, a senior advocate in government service, is well-known in Nepal as a songwriter and poet. Among his poetry collections are Earth Song, Ancient Voices and Additional Documents. His work can be found online at Nepali Times

Wayne AmtzisWayne Amtzis is a poet, photographer and long-time resident of Nepal. His work from Kathmandu can be seen on the website: www.photo-poems.com in the photo collection flatLine witness, in Studies in Nepali History and Society Vol. 6. 1, June 2001 and in the anthology, an other voice: English literature from Nepal. He is editor and co-translator of Two Sisters: the poetry of Benju Sharma and Manju Kanchuli, and of From The Lake, Love: the poetry of Banira Giri. A complete biography and links is included with the feature of his poems and photos in this issue.

Banira Giri Dr. Banira Giri is one of Nepal's foremost writers. Born in Kurseong, near Darjeeling in West Bengal, she became the first Nepali woman to be awarded a Ph.D from Tribhuvan University. She is the author of three collections of poetry, three novels and a screenplay. Her writing in translation can be found in Himalayan Voices: an introduction to Modern Nepali Literature and From The Lake Love: the poetry of Banira Giri. For online work Kathmandu

Manju Kanchuli Manju Kanchuli is the author of the short story collections Some Love, Some Differences and Stories by Kanchuli and the poetry collections My Life My World and Inside and Outside Eyelids. She is the co-translator with Wayne Amtzis of Two Sisters: the Poetry of Benju Sharma & Manju Kanchuli. Her work can also be found online at Suskera, and spinybabbler

ManjulManjul was born in 1947 in Bhojpur District in the eastern hills of Nepal. He gained renown as a singer of songs protesting the Panchayat regime in Nepal. He is the author of a number of poetry collections, a work of fiction and a travelogue. His translations of Wayne Amtzis' photo-poems have appeared in Nepali journals and newspapers. His work can be found online at spinybabbler and Jouvert.

Benju Sharma Benju Sharma is the author of The Stifled Expression of Revolt. Her work also appears in translation in Two Sisters: the poetry of Benju Sharma and Manju Kanchuli.

Purna Bahadur Vaidya Purna Bahadur Vaidya is a noteworthy participant in the revival of Nepal Bhasa, the language of the Newars, the indigenous people of the Kathmandu Valley. His major work is LA LA KHA (WATER IS WATER), a collection of 84 poems refracted through water. Translations of his poetry can be found in A representative collection of Nepal Bhasa Poems and recent issues of Manoa and Nimrod.