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New Mexico Poetry Renaissance


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New Mexico Poetry cover

New Mexico Poetry Renaissance

Edited by Sharon Niederman and Miriam Sagan with a Foreword by Robert Creeley.

From the Foreword by Robert Creeley:

D.H.Lawrence found this place wondrous, and Cabeza de Vaca long before him cried to witness its enduring peoples adapting of painful necessity to the newcomers. Echoes of all these voices are here, the entrepreneur's, the old survivor's. The mountains, the fragile, surviving rivers, the vastness of sky, distance of mesa, sun, sudden wash of rain, cold and heat--these too echo. Just as one will see traces of the sea that once covered much of its ground, language here carries its own history and habit, speaking its persons with vivid and local authority.
Review and Comment:

New Mexico Poetry Renaissance is an exemplary, high-quality collection that I heartily recommend to those who love poetry or New Mexico. This book is a necessity for those who love both.
-Emilie Buckwald, Publisher, Milkweed Editions.