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poetry by José Oliver in German, link to German biography and reviews


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Johannes Beilharz Translated by Johannes Beilharz   

sea signs turning syllable

BLUE transcribed on land:
we children of the waters
we tumbling in blue
dazzled on shore
by the bodylight of the sun, light-

rose compass blue
on gentle white like
nightdown rescue
like wind accent
on the first syllable


Celan in Riga

i am not arriving
i am not leaving
i've always been here, Jurate

somebody who's waving
from the edge of town
a moonlight, Jurate

this goodbye wave-off
this arrival misamazement
of the nightwhite day, Jurate

it's the moonhand
just the moonhand
it's her, the moon, Jurate    


linden lines around the eyes
we improvise the smell

a chestnut tree
blossoming its memory

for Elmar    

good friday

heraldry from the forest
at the nth hour
earthworms, four of them
contractions of the outlived
in streams of blood downslope
all seasons of the year    

easter eve

lumen christi, a
phrase to

repeat three times:

i am an earthworm
i am an earthworm
i am an earthworm