Time on Water by Robert Gibbons

Time on Water, (Miraculous Draught of Fishes)

The Greeks would have seen winged feet of a lesser deity roiling up in what my fellow passenger on the ferry identified as a waterspout. Now I'd never seen one before so my imagination shot back to that mythology. But this guy next to me is a seasoned sailor, someone who's spent more time on water than most men, an Olympic athlete, medal winner, one of those rare exceptions to the human race. I'd go so far as to say an exemplar. Can you imagine just how long one would have to spend on the water training for the eight-man crew to win a silver medal at the Olympics? The man hours? The closest I ever got to the Olympics was staying in the Olympic village in Rome after they turned the dorms into a youth hostel during the Sixties. Even then I felt a certain privilege. This waterspout in the distance held both our gazes. It wasn't until he compared it to another he'd seen earlier in his life that the full potential of the image took form. This little waterspout looming up in the distance, just past the bridge linking Moon & Long Islands, reminded him of the time on Lake Titticaca, at over 12,000 ft., wind swirled down with such force it picked up everything in the water, & when it passed, literally rained fish.

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