Leah Rudnitsky was known in the literary circles of the Vilna Ghetto. Visit the Multimedia Center at the Wiesenthal Center for:
The Cultural Life of the Vilna Ghetto
by Solon Beinfeld.


Other translations by Karen Alkalay-Gut

Ben Zion Tomer

Iris Le'al

and poetry

Leah Rudnitsky

Birds Are Dreaming on the Branches

Translated by Karen Alkalay-Gut from the Yiddish

Birds are dreaming on the branches.
Sleep, my darling child.
By your crib,
over your cot,
a stranger sits and sings.

This is the crib that stands
crushed of joy and luck,
and your mamma,
oh, your mamma,
is never coming back.

I saw your father running
beneath a hail of stones,
and, over the fields,
there flew
his orphaned moans.