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tomorrow is my birthday

bozen, south tyrol
July 23, 2003
10.05 pm

in exactly 4 hours
i was born 47 years ago
with a full round moon

Anny Ballardini



On three hours' sleep the car
has to run on autopilot,
I have renounced any pretense
of control.

My hands know where the wheel
needs to be turned, where
one road becomes the next
I am too tired for road rage.

Depth perception is for discussions
of Dutch and Flemish painting.
At least they give the illusion,
this morning I lack even that.

In the car listen on the CD player
to Carmen: Troyanos, Domingo.
Beautifully sung, pedestrian,
surprise me, please God, surprise.

Kenneth Wolman
USA, 8.48am



allinurl: ...
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Douglas Clark
Bath, Somerset, England, 7.26pm


A sudden shower, heavy and short-lived,
like a bucket being emptied. I was in my shirt
and tie, on my way home. Later, thunderstorms.
My daughter smiling when I played guitar.

Dominic Fox
Leicester, UK, 10.21pm


courtyard open
to arched windows
in which ponds
stocked with waterplatters
soak up summer sun
and fountains--
those succulents profused--
make a joyful noise--
a backdrop for my daughter
in half sun, half shade
conferencing the moment

Gerald Schwartz


very tricky
so hot
so very hot
camera singes
burnt fingers
light stabs
through lens
won't focus
the film
has melted
is dripping
onto floor
in danger of
worries about
his snapshot
perhaps a pinhole
camera obscura
he badly
a drink.

patrick mcmanus
raynes park -uk 7am


After-Work Snapshots with Proper Names

The roadside sugar-gums of Bundoora
and West Heidelberg

have been receiving homage:
one Mazda car battery

the contents of car ashtrays
slivers of windscreen glass

corners torn from mudflaps
a Ford hubcap badly buckled.

Against the windswept sky
the trees have clean profiles.

Were my footing sure I need not
see the rubbish underfoot.

Between Carpenters Body Works
and Spiders Smash Repairs

where concrete pavements and forecourts
are all shattered and uneven

a Target bag bowls ahead
like a synthetic pet.

My freshly-serviced Holden glides
through flat Bulleen as if on air.

Driving behind an old Dodge
like a 'mighty Wurlitzer' on wheels

to peak hour for dogs at Koonung Creek:
Labrador greetings and circlings.

The sun is westering behind Eaglemont
from which Streeton and Roberts

of the Heidelberg School (were they
still there) might look our way

and miss us for the panoramic east
of moonrise over Templestowe.

A Jeep-driver's German shepherd, told
'get in', bounds wilfully away.

Sure-footed Kelpies leap high above
the turf of stolid North Balwyn.

6.30 p.m. Wednesday 16 July 2003
Max Richards (laboured over perversely since Monday evening, with excesses of 'product placement' which now needs reducing...)


Beyond turquoise -

in response to a poem by Kate Fagan

The moon is gravel
in my shy glance
which flickers out
to other sky
planet grit splashed
beyond the turquoise screen
of our civilisation.

It's way past landscape
pasted in day books
and logged on paths
to and from
the sexy grids
stuttering market spritz
which grabs history
shaking its booty.

Jill Jones
Marrickville, Sydney, 16 July 2003 (after Sat 12 July)


gray cat haunches up
head down
the edge of bird bath
drinking in the cool
desert dawn
there's doves above
Palo Verde branches
thorns pierce the sky
describes a pivotal point
myself, I like description

(sorry to be a day late but Thursday is a day off for me, easier to write then...)

Frank Parker


A replacement has occurred,
as it were, it's like he said,
more or less, the heat
of this world is a constant
quantity. For each place
that gets cold, somewhere else
gets hot. And vice versa.
As soon as the heat lets go
of Britain it kicks us
in the teeth. No matter how
this country shakes its name
like a spear, rattling
its icicles, the heat kicks
its heels in. Looks like we're
in for a long haul of
mediterranean pretence.

Árni Ibsen
Hafnarfjördur, Iceland, 10.22pm


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