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(as snap-moment occasioned flashback, this got out of hand...M.R.)

At Stoneman¹s Bookroom, Castlemaine,

where the angled street-corner door
sags now under a vast brooding? Ken ­
statuesque Ken, the late great shop cat ­
few bargains, but among them Harrison,

Tony, 'Permanently Bard':
the 'baker's boy from Beeston'
with his 'books, books, books'
has ended up a set text himself.

'This edition is suitable
for "A" Level, college and university
courses' ­ implying his other
books are unsuitable ­ could be.

In Leeds, circa 1964,
I met Harrison one day;
both of us scholarship boys,
me from Auckland, he from nearby.

He'd been in Nigeria,
I in darkest Scotland.
He was going places, lots to hatch.
I was vaguely seeking my homeland.

Why shouldn't I have his future? ­
as if, leaving Derry Jeffares' house
that night, his feet might be
in my shoes ­ mine in Tony's.

Poetry was our choice, beckoning
both ­ equally, by my then reckoning.
Wrong, of course, but still I'm curious:
why shouldn¹t I have had his future?

Looking back, it seems divided England
gave him both theme and motive.
My own spring of action was left unwound
in one-class New Zealand, tame, derivative.

So does young England read him now?
(they¹ll need his editor's kind notation
more each year) and if so, how?
To read Harrison you need an education.

You'll get an education reading Harrison.
His Englishness seems newer than Larkin's,
or Geoffrey Hill's, but already superseded.
(May all three continue to be needed.)

Or so it seems to this old Kiwi,
brooding on his paper clutch in Melbourne.

Max Richards ­ 9am 25 Jan, Castlemaine/9am 4 Feb, Melbourne


via La Monte Young
to sound.
Precisely the right sounds
reinforcing the integral properties
resonating through structure.

"If people aren't carried away to Heaven,
I'm failing."

Barry Alpert / Silver Spring, MD US /(8:29 AM)


snow on the rock

open sky forged gods

wonder at and hold the anomaly

clearest connection
blotted and cut-off
place between alchemy and disarray
all we know is recent near

carvings excuse the guilt

mayhem mangling blood

joy a blade

ambition to fill a hole

consensus stretches futility
within the box
war stories traded
old men reclining in
reclining chairs
listening to blood myths

West Irondequoit, New York, U.S of A., 8:31 AM, 2.4.04
Gerald Schwartz



he dreamt
often dreamt
that he could
stretch his hands
concentrate then fly
soar and zoom
at thirty thousand feet
but unfortunately
one night he
suddenly awoke
with wind streaming
through his hair
and regretted
but very briefly
that he had
not the foresight
to strap a parachute
onto his pajamas.

pmcmanus 14-55
raynes park uk


'This summer'? but
I cant wait!
I want that 'eco-
village in Thessalia' now

forget the 'writing courses ...
in Mavromati,' how
ever 'truly Greek and
little touched by tourism'
it might be, I must have
the heat, 'the ethos of hospitality
and filoxenia' now, let me
escape to this 'terrestrial
paradise of
spectacular mountains,
lush forests, natural springs
and breathtaking gorges' before
I freeze. I need those
'vistas' 'colors
of the sky' and everything
'the two worlds of
Greek Mythology and Byzantium' can give me.

Surrounded by snow
let me fly
to those green hills
let me go crumble now
in that 'terrible Grecian light'

Douglas Barbour
Edmonton, Canada 08:50 February 4 2003



days by now
adding over six
each eroding
gnawing away
at night the
coffee lights up
taste silence
by elocution
night illuminated

árni ibsen
6:30 pm february 4 2003
hafnarfjördur iceland


water falls dark
comes down in silence
the wind has broken
a door lifts the floor
shudderings that carry
night underneath

Liz Kirby
Feb 4th 2004
Heaton Moor UK


Thursday morning
after the third episode of the Lord of the Ring
&nbps;    &nbps;    my friend and me: we saw it -
&nbps;    &nbps;    sweating after over three immobile hours in front of the screen
with a coke and potato chips
then the narrow dark alley
&nbps;    &nbps;    the small square with the old hotel in which Mozart slept
in front of the Neptune fountain,
&nbps;    &nbps;    the pillory was in the middle of the market
last sales in the boutiques of the center
the unusual mild air brings to spring
&nbps;    &nbps;    winter has closed its doors
it's already Thursday morning, day of Thoer, giovedì, giorno di Giove.

Anny Ballardini, 12.56 AM


rails run on trust
sometimes it's casual
tremor in the sky

before you know it
the stairs are silver
it's a pale green new year

graffiti says 'usual suspekt
warfare' in gaudy
the ears tickticktick

below scatter
the horizon is not brilliant
but charged

night in disguise
day in its habit
chanting wheels

Jill Jones 5 Feb 9.30am Marrickville


You Make Coffee

He writes words -
in a nest of sanctuary
(inasmuch as he is the subject)

There are common occurences
between nouns

You make coffee, I read the daily

And it takes a modicum of skill
to determine the role of a pronoun
some act as a direct object,
some function as a subject

We link verbs; feel, touch and taste

Still, one must take time to recognize
the subject, as opposed to a noun
nearest the verb

deborah russell, Baltimore, MD
Feb 4, 04 (Actual time: 1:47am)


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