All copyright © 2003 remains with the authors.
All copyright © 2004 remains with the authors.


sky is full of rain
which doesn't come
we would welcome rain
until we drown
fire puts out our streets
burns a dream
no tears will do it
we would welcome rain
welcome the fall
spits of ice
the fire sweeps
but is never clean

ground is groan
with need
to make mud or loam
of sand or history
all day grey to blue
season of heat
season that doesn't thank
when it rains
it spills
is never clean

Jill Jones Sydney 12.35pm


Workouts Gendered

At the gym, when
I glance at the women, each seems to be involved in
sex with a brute contraption,
a giant sex-gismo,

while the men train
enduring self-inflicted pain.

I turn away forlorn,
intent on my own

Max Richards, Melbourne, 2.20 pm


On TV, they're repeating Billy Connolly,
with his Britain, Ireland, Scotland travelogue.
His comedy, art, respect.

And I have a book from the library.
British, Irish, Scottish poetry since 1945.

Cold moors and stones and canals.
Old wars, prisons, suicides.
Women both hopeless and whimsical.
The democratic voice.

The Irish poets resonate like a bell in my head.
The British poets explode like a shell in my bed.
The Scottish poets? They just leave me for dead.

And here I am in hot sticky Australia
and this isn't my thing at all.

Janet Jackson



sitting here
all retired
life passing by
but thinking
so enviously
about all those
all you so lucky
teaching in unis
vast salaries
plush offices
air conditioned
p.a.s secretaries
suited flunkies
delicious coffees
danish pastries
chilled waters
tutoring lecturing
to enraptured students
kissing the ground
that you walk on
international conferencies
symposiums pow-wows
sundrenched beaches
cocktail parties
hats on drinkies
so delicious
loose bikinis
little sandwiches
lovely all tasty
I shall
have another
warm croissant
read the paper
a humble decaff
write a poem
and relate happily
to the cat.

pmcmanus 9am
raynespark uk n364


surrounded by words
almost corralled by words
quoted within quotations
within the pages I must read

and read with pleasure
not so usual with
the work of dissertation

yet this work is pleasure
felt and feeling
made clear in such
obscurity collage demands

to learn from
one's 'student'
companion on the way

which we cannot know
is the way
if we're to wander it

Douglas Barbour
Edmonton 09:15


personal data

street vacant by a lakeport

a highway nameless extended shelf life

edict of gray skies fast thoughts collapse

into a blaze of starts fused glare

no respect due these ghosts

those pedestrians switched to pasts

relay, digital switch fiction will be our affidavit

West Irondequoit, NY 14617
11:36, 2.18.04
jerry schwartz


Picture a window, small, square,
lattice-striped, set high
in a slanted stone wall.
Picture a child's face
caught in the edge of shadow,
staring out each night,
waiting for day
to bring an end to it.

She wears offwhite,
her gown unchanged;
she's not sure how long
she's worn it, nor when she heard
her mother's voice last.
Sometimes she thinks
she might still be sleeping.

The street is empty,
not even a dog passes, nose down.
The wind blows smoke;
there's a tinge of brown in it
and when she sniffs the air,
she thinks she can smell
the opposite of hunger.

Not that she eats.
There's a weight against the door
she cannot hope to move.
So she stares out
at oaks silhouetting
the Minster.

she thinks she sees spirits;
crowds passing, looking up, curious.
But they dissolve as the rain falls
and there's nothing
but a crumpled leaf
sweeping the pavement.

A puddle reflects
her face, reflects
the moon:
there's no difference.

Nessa O'Mahoney
Beaumaris, North Wales 5.15pm


alarm clocks ringing round morning again
school /don't! - jump up - books papers
as a reminder: yes, I like it

(I don't think we should do it - I think we should do it - I don't - I do)
who cares who put me into this

a black Wednesday

the town is bursting before the carnival holidays
darkness envelopes manipulatory ways
they glitter before they're cut
clinging to the floor
in a taupe

in a grain
rising several moons
words to mutter scatter apart
without any compliance from my mood
not tuned twisting backward unseen into the night

Anny Ballardini, Italy


The scythe's not hanging in the
tree. It sighs & soughs outside.
Unsung accords, signs of pol-
itick manoeuvres in the
rafters, leave the ship NOW! I'm
sunk, proffer cadences with
no sense repeating what I
said. Saith he. Size don't matter.

Martin Walker



i leave iceland
on monday
vacant mind
stark cold light
sun in my eyes
northerly breeze
land in copenhagen
and it's warm

i leave copenhagen
on wednesday
vacant mind
stark cold light
sun in my eyes
northerly breeze
land in iceland
and it's warm
and indeed
you've guessed it!

árni ibsen
around midnight
february 18 2004



> snapshot
> sitting here
shitting there
> all retired
very tired
> life passing by
connive assing high
> but thinking
butt linking
> so enviously
ho viciously
> about all those
around gall's close
> snapshotters
> all you so lucky
ball u mucho cocky
> teaching in unis
reaching inison
> vast salaries
past maladies
> plush offices
rushed coffees
> air conditioned
> p.a.s secretaries
pax vobiscum cranaries
> suited flunkies
united junkies
> delicious coffees
malicious offices
> danish pastries
swedish meatballs
> chilled waters
killed matters
> tutoring lecturing
motioning hectoring
> to enraptured students
woe the captured prudents
> kissing the ground
pissing the obvious
> that you walk on
what u chalk on
> international conferencies
interracial confectionaries
> symposiums pow-wows
sumptious punch & judies
> sundrenched beaches
rain quenched clichés
> cocktail parties
mock-mail farties
> hats on drinkies
malt's on trinkets
> so delicious
yo suspicious
> loose bikinis
choose surreptitious
> little sandwiches
toasted crumpets
> lovely all tasty
heavenly and wasty
> think
> I shall
my gall
> have another
ever bothered
> warm croissant
armed to the crux
> read the paper
mead me draper
> a humble decaff
that bumble recap
> write a poem
trite that golem
> and relate happily
wand belated snappily
> to the cat.
tho' le chat

> > pmcmanus 9am
> raynespark uk
> n364

treated by
or impregnated by
árni ibsen
at midnight february 18 2004
hafnarfjördur iceland
in unconditional admiration of pmcmanus


via Ernie Gehr
Film, seeing, and consciousness converge
when film internalizes its reactions.

Deny it representation and
depend on the openness of the shutter
the sensitivity of the emulsion
the reflectiveness of the objects
to yield up an intensely spiritualized nervous system.

Barry Alpert / Silver Spring, MD US / 2-18-04 (11:34 PM)


The Limerick of Mastery

Having been to the Museu dos Azulejos
Lia and Erin went off on the bus.
They were so fazed
That their eyes were glazed
And they needed tea in two pots!

Liz Kirby Lisbon 5.00pm


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