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in the distance           stand of trees,
there is the hum            the same low roar
you would hear it            if you were
on route 22            nearing newark airport
still two miles away
cicadas            their mating call
love me            and die
if thou love me            take heed of loving me

Ken/Princeton 5-27-04



her sweet sugared
honeyed words
did him in
as he was sadly
a diabetes sufferer.

raynes park uk
26th may 2004


The Veranda

On the veranda
with its closed-in stairs
you've wandered too close
like the children's three bears
with your sparkling champagne
in the immaculate glass.
No, no, I'll walk out the door
out the door, out the door
out of the ancient French door
near the overpass.

-- Harriet Zinnes
New York City
May 25, 2004


A Free Afternoon

The seal at Point Henry is announced
by orange plastic fencing and placards

saying: This seal is sick. Please leave it alone.
Apart from this, the convalescent eludes us,

either there, but out of our line of vision,
or gone healthy or not would be good to know.

Locals might say, but they too are elusive
or shut inside the vast aluminium works

which cover half the Point. The other half
is signed: 'artificial wetland' and 'no shooting'.

A tower for birdwatchers seems derelict.
One windsurfer is jousting with the gale:

his black wetsuit glistens like a healthy seal;
he's so out on his own couldn't be more alone;

he has lift-off strenuously contradicting
the fenced-in full car-park beside the works,

each car poised for the shift-workers' knock-off time.
Today I'll feast my eyes, and work tomorrow.

Who knows, the local paper has perhaps
already snapped the seal basking reunited

with its cousins round the Gellibrand Light,
sunstruck, tide-tossed, gale-smitten, free.

- evening of Wednesday 26 May, 2004
Max Richards
North Balwyn, Melbourne



lucent     let be

lated      come into
greening as rain
falls     the occasional

parent     purify
colour so thin
it slow      it grow
it darken now
beyond snow

ference      how mind
mends as it moves beyond

that the world
goes on despite
& as

cendant     to blight


Douglas Barbour
Edmonton    08:20    Wednesday May 26 2004



Terror hours of dark
Shivering with
The cat as company
The kindly cat
Who whispers
In Sanskrit

Lying down
In the hall
Unable to
Make up my mind
Or pick up my limbs

The kindly cat
Lying on me
Keeping warm

I shiver for the rug
That lies on the bed

Shivering in the hall
Until I pass out

And wake to
Try to stand
And shiver too much
Crawl to the bed
Under the rug

Phone rings
Let it let it
Let it be


Coming out of fog
Hands butterflying
Phone for help

Andrew Burke


Nursery rhyme

I am a queen at a high window
a black sail stands
at exactly the same distance
as always
which means the opposite
of whatever I take it to mean
I can't speak
no matter how many words
clot on the cold floor
some nursery rhymes are deadly
some are rags of slavery
all of them are cruel
what rhyme nips your fingers
here the weather is harsh
and full of dust
but I don't know whose
words cut me as usual
or the usual words cut me
or was it someone else
it is hard to tell
one from the other
I can't stitch a meaning
it unpicks itself
night after night
if I could say plainly
what I meant then words
might be other than they are
so many impediments
swell my tongue
you are the bitterest
heavier than rings or water
I don't know what I mean
or if I mean anything
more than a flock of birds
dispersed by storm
there is no true north
the stars oscillate
in unfamiliar orbits
the earth is strange
and marvellous
as winter is
and now is further away
than ever

Alison Croggon 11.30am, Williamstown, Australia


ill to
write a snapshot

Sharon Brogan


poor Sharon
a bunch of
red red roses
from raynes park
land of sunshine
and happiness



From this windy and rather chilly spring I can send some wonderful yellow
mountain flowers and the poppies are out in large red patches breathing in
the voluptuous green,
affection, a still coughing and sneezing Anny


dusk the indeterminate time when
fields fill with blue-grey
water colour drains into its most
subtle shades a flickering
shows that the bats are out

traffic lights burn red
glow amber to green
throwing the gem-light
of their changes
down the empty road

a man in handcuffs bows his head
it cannot be long now
we are waiting

Bosley Cross


Broken Bay

In the bay, where shells suck
and wheeze in the spillage of tide, where jetties
hollow a thump on boards, and loud boys plunge off ferry pylons,
where line and metal slip into weed and silver bream,
where from the point, in an absence of jewfish and whiting,
fishermen continue to race the southerly-buster home
And on the headland, where Lion Island welcomed strangers to
its sphinx-like shore and Blackwall Mountain shaded summer tents,
its autumn seep dripping forest finch, and when carnival floated
over children raking for soldier crabs,
my home was called holiday.
Back then, my parents, still in love,
raised me to take it in
left me to my wild wandering.

Helen Hagemann, Perth Wed 26/05/04



only the shell
of the building
the most-loved market for miles around
reduced to ashes
a hundred traders
now with nothing
Total Games
Wendy & Mandys Cafe
Dels Suits
Traditional Sausage Co.
Scottish Meats
Seaking Fisheries
W Briggs Butchers
Alf Pearson Family butcher
David Conn Traditional butcher
Rothwells Furniture
Market Newsagent
A & B Sportswear
Bennetts Fancy goods
Eileen's Egg Nest
The Phone Corner
C D S Textiles
Phil's Antiquarian Books
Bailey's Hardware
Hats & Things
Rudies Snack Bar
Cherubs Specialist Christening wear
Victoria's Lingerie
Stall On The Wall Ladies & Gents Outdoor Wear
Grahame & Gordon Haberdashery
Celebrations Cards & Novelties
Pick Of The Crop
Alwyn's Underwear Stall
Goody Two Shoes
B & G Fashions
Chris's Vac & Washer Service
M.C.S Uniforms
The Toffee Box
The Music Corner
Curtain Corner
The Traditional Food Stall
Pick Of The Crop
Junior's Childrens wear
S.Williams & Sons Cafe
Elaine's Jewellers
The Off License
Body Bitz
Shades DIY
Walker's Greengrocers
Hussein's Sportswear
Brooks Hosiery & Swimwear
S Williams & Son Home Cooked Meats
Cards Galore
J.R Fashions
Mobile Revolution
Linda's Cosmetics & Perfume
Bradbury's Gloves, Scarves, Handbags & Umbrellas
Renwick's Bakery & Handcarved Meats
A & Y Brierley Footwear
Naeem's Ladies Fashion
Longdens Toys
Brian's Quality Furnishings
Brooks Underwear
Gifts For All Occasions
Phones 4 Us
A+A Videos
Cafe Nadin
J & L Bargains
The Sports Box
Spec Tackle
Paws and Claws
Camina Bags
Ashton Hall Carpets
Craven's Shoe Repairs
Morgan's China
The Bedding Box
Bailey Health Products
Joe & Sons Jeweller & Watch Repairs
Bailey's Hardware & Electrical
Bobby Fashions
Barry Gleave Biscuits, Sweets & Cakes
Cassons shoes
Redmonds Butcher & Delicatessen
B O'Donoghue Butcher
G. Fish Specialist Cooked Meats & pies
J. McClean Biscuits & Cakes
Here's Health Herbal Remedies
Hallworth's Cheese & Dairy Produce
K McDermott Danish Bacon Specialists
The Pantry
Chicken Barbecue
The Hen House
Shopmobility Wheelchairs & Scooters
none of it left
no sprinklers
no insurance
no recompense
no one died
so only rates
a brief mention
on the local
not national news

Gerald England
Tameside, Greater Manchester


[via Jerzy Kawalerowicz]

Monks want me.
One knows I was coming,
the gate open last night.
Holy maids eat pork like us?
Each<>other, and reporting reason to burn

just the same
on the stake like a pig,
and the man is left naked.
Now leave me alone with our guest,

a priest & sorcerer.
No devils in there at
great miseries.
laziness perhaps taking on the
shape . . .


must know my inner life.
One is . . .
There were 5 drops of fragrant balm on my gown.
Happy to see a representative of the famous convent;
exorcisms brought us here
rather than a husband who would be a brute--

just that there are no angels.
Over your books
an evil spirit
no measure of

all that was written in the Zohar.
No exorcism
gives me joy
scaring off the wolves.

Barry Alpert / Silver Spring, MD US / 5-26-04 (9:26 AM)

Jerzy Kawalerowicz's 1961 film won the Jury Prize at Cannes and featured his wife Lucyna Winnicka's stunning performance as the Mother Superior. Based on an "actual case" of demonic possession in 17th century Poland as well as the basis for Ken Russell's "The Devils".


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