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I stopped. Across the neatly ordered rows of plants
a russet brown creature galumphing towards me.
A wallaby? I'd heard of such and this brute
as big as a dog. He heard me, stood up, pointed
his black tipped ears skywards and stared at me.

I held my breath, he twitched his nose.

He turned, I followed his eyeline. Another hare, smaller,
to the right. As I left, the larger one turned, hopped right.

Roger Day


Walking off the Weight (title)

I'm walking
for dexterity
every limb
alive and free

His 21st
three thousand miles
from home,
same day as

her abortion,
their baby,
after her
car accident and all.

I walk the park
ducks at my feet
where an ibis
walks lake's edge:

in my poor sight
he seems
a dishtowel caught
on sticks ...

I walk away from
The Office of Student Woes.

I walk to think
I think to act
I act to free

the dishtowels
from their ways

Andrew Burke
Perth, Australia


Dim, humid day. Ominous.
The car won't start. The sweet
autumn clematis did not survive
winter. Bruising photographs,
naked prisoners hooded and taunted
by pretty young soldiers. Full moon
over Mount Sentinel; the garden rich
with scent, palpable, tangible. Two
sparrows dance on the wood fence,
much cheeping and tail-fanning.
A friend tells me we are all sadists,
all carnivores. The bleeding heart
goes on blooming in its shaded bed.

Sharon Brogan


the tree turned out to be a sycamore
all the elms have long since ghosted
their winter branches falling
between brittle and dust

heavy cloud and grey spates of rain
brought our sky closer
but we knew the moon was out there somewhere
sinking into her own rust

Liz Kirby
5th May 2004


[via Marsden Hartley]
Be to not and pastime entertaining and
learn shall we game, sportsmanlike.
Glibly so who esthete "middleman" or go-between dreadful.
Shine will stars the that and tightrope
among vaudevillian satisfactory.

Dada-ist perfect, own your be. Will you? Your self
was art if
ordinary an or
greater any given or canvas or paper.

Barry Alpert / Silver Spring, MD US / 5-5-04 (12:11 AM)

This morning's impulsive homolinguistic translation from Marsden Hartley's Adventures In The Arts (NY: Boni & Liveright, 1921). Its title derives from Hartley's afterword to that book. My diastic editor worked its way through MH's prose text from end to beginning, needing only one outtake. Then I worked over the results, without rereading Marsden Hartley's considerable body of work in poetry but having viewed relatively recently a rather full retrospect of his visual work at the Phillips Collection. The quoted words and the half-Germanic "Dada-ist" are Hartley's. Thanks to the Pope for invisibly guiding me through heavy competition at a Catholic school book sale where I recently scouted my first copy in 35 years of Marsden Hartley's rare first book.



not the name the word itself
suggests an act of oral sex
two recipients
one finds no relief
the other only humiliation
what if they changed places
would it go differently
would the stars explode
in a cliched velvet sky
or would the stars merely

Ken Wolman/Cinco de Mayo 2004


Clear Becoming Cloudy


Halvard Johnson, NYC, 4/5/04 8:39 am EDT


It's people
they're infamous
American disgust

little context
more acts
conclusions bleak

first systemic
commentators sick
premature command
military abuse
high-security acts
under officers
constantly know guards

reports recently
quoted concluded
'blatant, criminal'
officer said
systemic abuse

photos terrible
hearts took torture
rule vicious cells
torturers anywhere

talk made empty
but race must bear terrorism
noted struggle simple
scant indefinite invasion
near-absolute opinion
Bush's world no

attention justified another conclusion

consider 2002 news
military interrogators
extreme deprivation
minor torture
countries tortured
someone's official job

reports consistent
public deaths
have ruled pathologists
but no explanation apparently

now humiliated worldwide
difference made connection
disparity without
moral imagination
empathy absence

failure evident
as moral acts bad
villains universe

but faces monstrous or
you samples
we people

believe neighbours
understand people
no different

my response
evidence ordinary
no one themselves

denying ourselves
stop every heart
Douglas Barbour
Wednesday May 5 2003
(taking one word per line from Dan Gardner's column, 'Just like you and me: Disturbing truths in Iraqi PoW photos,' Edmonton Journal, May 4)



she was finding
that their relationship
was rather like
an archaeological dig
she could use
a j.c.b. at first
then down to shovels
and on to trowels
but now it required
a very fine brush
with the lightest
deftest strokes
for any hope



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