All copyright © 2003 remains with the authors.
All copyright © 2004 remains with the authors.


Bloomsday Snapshots


his memory
must be going
he was sure
he was certain
that there was
more than just
the missionary

pmcmanus 7.09am


crocodiles lift prehistoric snouts
from slack waters and announce their grins
behind them a black space where astronauts
frictionlessly tumble over and over
in the desolate light of stars
their petals spilt so long ago that no scent remains
forgotten objects stir in an empty drawer
dust evolves into new life forms
the dizzy planet darkens again

Alison Croggon, Williamstown, 5.26pm


go low
as grey light

tears me
from my head

dances sun
so slow now

steer me
into the cold

go now
where words tear

song slapped
against sound catchers

moves me
into long voice

blurs lines
against open gates

go now
into home light

poured ached
gone and open

Jill Jones
Marrickville, Wed 16 June, 9.21pm


Turning 67 at the Celtic Festival
[Portarlington, 13 June 2004]

Having helped perform "poems
of love, exile" the joy, sadness,
anger and resilience of the Celt:
part one: The Scots' (with some Gaelic translated),
he's about to take his love to bed.

In the bathroom of their festival accommodation
he's wearing nothing but his performer's wristband.
She, though wearing her supporters' wristband,
glances in less than admiration.

The shower, as vacation showers
often are, is rousing, but: "sleep
well". He dreams prolonged
consensual harmony and wakes
to pain in the small of his back.

In the dawn he descends to the port:
on the pier's furthest tip
a stick figure shakes his rod
over midwinter's ebb-tide.

A dozen sea-anglers squat
in longsuffering hope,
killing more time than fish.
Mr Mussel's metal punt signals
Fresh Farmed Mussels Daily.

Some local wag has changed Mr
Mussel to Mrs Mussel.

"Happy birthday to me ­
and a few good returns."
Today "part two: The Irish", who taught him:
"the best music in the world
is the music of what happens."

Also there's the music
of those almost at home
almost anywhere.
In Nova Scotia, New Caledonia,
new everywhere, they "in dreams
behold the Hebrides".

Nostalgia, fresh farmed all weekend,
even for those three generations removed.
Or two, like him ­ Donegal, the Shetlands.
At a centenary session for Bloomsday
they end up singing "Dublin¹s fair city"
and "cockles and mussels alive alive-o".
At the Pier Café (Spanish cuisine)
the mussels make an entrée
out of this world.

evening, Wednesday June 16, 2004
Max Richards
North Balwyn, Melbourne


Bloomsday 2004

Not snot-green, today,
and sixty miles away
though if I close my eyes
I can reel
a straight line
to link this
seaside Britishness
of strolls and ice-cream cones
and white-haired revellers
with Martello towers,
stiff winds,
unpulchritudinous flesh
Is that where buck-naked
was born?
But never travelled,

Nessa O'Mahony
Beaumaris, 16 June 2004


I study.
About one per cent have genes for a psychosis,
But it has to be triggered off by the environment.
Which means stress.
Life events.
I learn.

Douglas Clark, Bath, Somerset, England ....


The Problem Is

the problem
with poetry editors is
they will scrap
a perfectly good metaphor
and try to make
literal sense

well, maybe
that's not the problem

the problem is
when it
sounds better
than the original
and for a few
nasty seconds
you wonder
which one of you
should take credit

Deborah Russell,
Baltimore, MD USA
9:54 am o6/16/o4


[via Chris. Marker's "Le Fond de l'Air est Rouge"]
reached maturity and the only thing at
issue . . .
No, we didn't believe it.

Wrong notes in music will save me /
images begin to tremble.
The radicals get a
Others may represent a serious threat
under a tragic obligation to choose.
Tell me what you might be filming.

A bit of miscasting here, actually.

Crisis: your public image was based on
appropriation of the means
to a specific localized need.
[Think that ambiguity is generating a lot of anxiety.]

Barry Alpert / Silver Spring MD US / 6-16-04 (10:24AM)

I just couldn't resist the closing outtake, which I hope I've indicated is outside both the sonnet and the acrostic. For a Marker film with a cat, see "Bestiare", from which I quarried the following, posted months ago to the Snapshot Project:


He plays piano,
listens to piano,
sees himself shot ("digital video").

Still shots.

Stretches to circuitry.


jest and mirror

of you

Ursula laughing
you Stephen
symbol expire shall

Douglas Barbour
Wednesday 09:25 Wednesday June 14 / 04



The Cialis must have worked:
Blazes Boylan, priest manque, is into
the 11th Station of the Cross, the nailing
of Molly Bloom.
Magical Blazes: it is also Transubstantiation,
for Molly's insides by now are turned
from flesh to grated cheese.

People didn't realize DiCaprio
could play such a scumbucket
or that J. Lo could convince anyone
she's an Irish earth mother--

Yet it's all about illusion:
or call it Faith.
If Charlize Theron can be made
to look like she stepped
out of a bath of used french fry oil,
then the blind will have their sight,
the dead be raised,
and the location caterers
will divide two fishes, five loaves,
and feed the whole crew.

Edward Asner, Poldy's editor,
stands at his desk, shouts
"Tell him to kiss my royal Irish arse!"
and you don't even wonder
what a nice Jewish boy is doing
in a place like this--
for the power of faith
probably could make us think
that Ray Charles might have starred
in the life of Dale Earnhardt.

Poldy and Stephen hook up, travel
about in the Dublin dark.
The ghosts of Zero Mostel and
Milo O'Shea haunt James Gandolfini,
doing his best to carry the burden
of Poldy Bloom, yet failing.
Faith may move mountains
but New Jersey, like Eboli,
is the place where Christ stopped.

Ken Wolman


the sun is out
but it's out there
and I'm in here
bills piled high
on the glass table
hard ground ­

the rose unfurls
day after day
it opens itself
pale petals gold
heart to the sun
to the worm ­

Sharon Brogan


Like phantom ladders made of water,
heat rises from the street. _Sun devils_,
your mom calls it, and her gaze goes back-
wards to Tennessee and the swelter, mud cakes
patted dry with her sister, toes dangling
in a ditch. But here's

a dry heat, a fraudulent desert
that sends mutant trees shooting towards
a sky only seen in 50's postcards. Fading,
mellowed. To feel nostalgia for a place

you still live in means you've got
one foot out the door, means now may be
the last chance to burn your back to snakeskin
ribbons. Or the last season the wisteria
ripens fat cocoon pods you and your mother
pick to dry, snugging up against the future,
that bedeviling future you divine like water.

Jenniffer Lesh
16 June 2004
Bakersfield, Calif.


Exercise on the outskirts

I went for a walk in the rain today
for the first time in years.
Buttoned my coat,
raised my umbrella,
stepped out
past the construction site and into the dripping forest,
along the firebreak full of dead leaves for winter,
behind the undogged, unpeopled, wet-chickened yards,
around the empty playground,
through the gap in the worthless fence,
near the overgrown exotic bushes, some pioneer's garden,
by Tree Glen, not a glen, and losing trees with each new house,
and down my street of gurgling stormdrains,
following the powerlines home.

Janet Jackson
Thu Jun 17 13:14:14 WST 2004


Snapshot / instant

day battles on
with windblown rosepetals
under the door

night licking
the window panes

my joints creak
around the room

computer to bookshelf
and return / (steps
drawn on old music)

from teacher to student
this week / in the end

is the beginning /
'and turn about again'

off / the music
of trains and traffic
computers and telephones:

diminuendo / crescendo
sex life of the 'burbs
the release and tension

of all great art

Andrew Burke
4.49pm Thursday
Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia


(Begun yesterday, interrupted by a migraine, better today, apologies)

remembering grace

something left over
from the pious traditions
of an ordinary childhood
from a time of remembering
which saint's feast falls
on this date

agnes jan 21
agatha feb 5
patrick march 17
columba june 9

a gentle way altogether
to think about my girl heroes
those irish ancestors who made good
wrote loricas, held tough, held off
the demons--why not carry them
into my bureaucratic nightmares as well

but today grace comes
quietly as ever, another gemini
gone nearly a quarter century
whose souvenirs of vocabulary included
waists for blouses and binders, bras
who took the streetcars in jersey city
who lived her share, prayed hard
for anybody that everybody else forgot

no church
calendar honors her
but i
hold out this little snapshot
offer up for a sharing of grace

Sr. Grace Edward Hackett SC
16 June 1898 - 31 August 1981

Deborah Humphreys
Newark, NJ
begun 6/16/04 1 pm (on lunch break)
finished 6/17/04 2:34 pm (free until Tuesday!)


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