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Spring 2002

by Reva Sharon

Spring is a time of renewal, something we all long for. Spring begins early in Israel, many weeks in advance of the vernal equinox the almond trees bloom, narcissus and then other spring flowers dot the hills and valleys. This year spring is especially welcome as we reflect on the terrible terrorism the world has suffered in the preceding seasons. We are longing for signs of rebirth, renewal, freedom, and the absent songs of birds that wintered in other lands. I often turn my camera and my soul's attention to the interplay of light and darkness in the skies and on the earth. The sky at sunrise, the long shadows interspersed with sunlight in late afternoon, the gathering of clouds, their shadow patterns on the earth, all fuel connections to those longings at springtime as expressed in the flowering of the earth and the nest building and morning songs of birds.

Yes, the trees indeed are budding and opening their tender leaves in Manhattan not far from where wreckage still marks the evil destruction wrought by terrorism on September 11th. Yes, here in Jerusalem, even as suicide bombers continue to slaughter innocent people, including the unborn babies of murdered mothers, the earth is alive with spring flowers and birdsong. And I look to the heavens and then to the earth, and walk in the sunlight and shadows. I watch the sun set and the full moon sail across the skies as I watch it from my garden, or from my living room window. I take courage from the stars, and wake early enough to witness another sunrise, another day, and pray for peace, and rebirth, and renewal and freedom. I see how the heavens are reflected in the seas, how light and shadows etch patterns in woodlands, how trees and even the rising sun are shimmering reflections in ponds, how clouds gather and pattern the skies...

This spring, as we remember those who are missing, whose lives were sacrificed by terrorist actions in America, in Afghanistan, in Israel and other places on earth, let us also look for inspiration to the earth as it renews in spring, and to the cycles and interplay of earth and sky, darkness and light, to strengthen hope.

With this in mind I have selected images of light and darkness, as expressed in the relationship of the heavens and earth for the Spring Issue of The Drunken Boat. All of the photographs in this series were made in Israel, except for Storm Clouds Gathering Over New Mexico, and Florida Reflections.

All of these images are available as limited edition, signed and numbered, archival giclee prints. For details, prices and ordering information contact Reva Sharon:

Clouds over Jerusalem

Storm Clouds Gathering over New Mexico

Sun Rising over the Desert

Sunrise Reflected in Water

Florida Reflections

Long Shadows and Sunlight in the Woods

Sunset through the Trees