Shana Tova
The world seems a bleak place as Rosh Hashana, the new year of the world approaches. One year ago Yasser Arafat launched his Jihad against Israel and the Jewish People. Terrorist strikes now hit us every day. But not only Israel and the Jews are the victims of terrorism, in horrific strikes America has been targeted. How do we continue? The answer is based on hope. The image above of the Rimon, the pomegranate, last one clinging when all else are gone is a symbol of hope. Even in a desolate landscape the fruit opens and the promise of the seeds is there:the coming season will be fruitful. Let us dip our challah and apples into honey so that even in these bleak times we do not despair and taste the sweetness of hope. Let the seeds of that hope bear fruit, and likewise our prayers for civilization and peace.

--Reva Sharon (Jerusalem).